Moving Stories: A Platform for Mapping Narratives and Networks of People in Diaspora

My colleague, Anita Fabos, and I received funding from the Henry J. and Edna D. Leir to hold together an international workshop on mapping refugee narratives that will take place in Remich, Luxembourg in June 2017. This will be an intensive 3-day workshop that is bringing together anthropologists, web and graphics designers, cartographers, historians. The first community we will be trying to map will be the Mandaean refugee narratives of displacement, settlement, and home. This will, of course, be layered with arts, religious texts, pictures, videos, and whatever else we can access.

This will be an open source platform that will be open for crowdsourcing for any group.

Stay tuned for more details!

Final 2017 Fabos Sarkis conference poster

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