Since we’ve been quarantined since March (it’s September 2nd now!), I have attended a number of virtual courses and am taking some online courses to keep my data skills up to date. I’m trying to create a list of everything that I’ve attended so I can keep track of it later on.

Virtual Conferences Attended

Conference TitleDate(s)URLSponsor Rating
2020 Sunbelt Virtual Conference7/13/20-7/20/20 Network of Social Network Analysts (INSNA)5/5
COVID-19 Satellite of Sunbelt XL7/21/20-7/23/20 Network of Social Network Analysts (INSNA)4/5
Network Innovation Summit5/18/2020 Network Labs4.5/5
Networked Complexity: The Case of COVID-196/8/2020-6/11/20 for Advanced Mathematics (CAMS) at American University of Beirut (AUB)5/5

Upcoming Conferences to attend (maybe!)

Conference TitleDate(s)URL
2nd Conference on Truth and Trust Online (TTO 2020)10/16/20-10/17/20
HMB2020: Human migration – potential areas for combinations of big data – SocInfo2020 Workshop10/06/20
Tableau Conference10/06/20-10/08/20

Online Courses

Course TitleURLHosted byCompletion %Rating
Learn Python 3 from scratch
What is data science? (IBM course)
Introduction to Data Science in Python
Regression Modeling in Practice

Workshops and/or Certificates

Network Leadership Training Academy (7 virtual workshops)5/20/20-11/18/20 Network Labs