Download NY Times’ list of 1000 COVID-19 deaths as a .csv

New York Times front page honors 1,000 Covid-19 victims - Axios

On Sunday 24, 2020, the NY Times published a list of 1,000 names of COVID-19 deaths with the powerful headline “U.S. deaths near 100,000, an incalculable loss”, with a list of one thousand names of people who died. The list is a stark reminder of the lives lost during this pandemic. Every person has a story, and every person is part of the larger story of how the US did (not) react to the pandemic.

You can read more about the project behind the front page:

While I couldn’t track down all 100,000 names, I was able to create a raw .csv file that people can download if they want to analyze in any way. (Many thanks to for having OCR’d the list).

Download data from github:

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